I think I forgot how to blog.

Somehow I managed to go for 6 months without blogging, and to be completely honest, I didn't really miss it. Despite the fact that I've been blogging semi-regularly over the past 4+ years, it's never really felt natural to me. I love reading blogs, but writing them just doesn't come easy to me, so it was all too simple to take this last half a year off, albeit unintentionally.

Long story short, I moved from Paducah to a small town near Bowling Green, KY, started a new job, and got my first apartment. It all happened much more quickly than I anticipated, which meant consuming lots of coffee and living in an AirBnB for a month, but now I'm somewhat settled in what I like to call Stars Hollow (because everyone knows everyone and the gazebo in the town square is just spot-on). 

I've wanted to sit down and write about this past year for a while now, but between working full-time and trying to be a responsible adult who pays bills and has a 401k has pushed blogging to the absolute back burner. It's just now starting to feel like I'm not going to drop all of the balls that someone dumped in my lap and told me to juggle without teaching me how to juggle, if that analogy makes any sense.

Anyway, I'm not sure how regularly I will be blogging now, but I will be taking this blog in a slightly different direction. My photography is a side business- not what I do full-time, and if it were I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much. So instead, I will be including more personal, non photography-business related posts, because that is what I enjoy writing, and I'm not going to waste precious spare time on something I don't enjoy. I will still share my photography work here, because it will be a long time before I ever give that up!

They say that blogging is dead, but I would much rather sit down and read a post that was created thoughtfully and carefully over the dozens of shallow blurbs that are so abundant in the social media channels, and I hope you do too. (But no worries, I have no plans of giving up my beloved instagram any time soon!)

Until next time, here's what I've been reading/enjoying/pondering lately:

  • Lists of books. I'm in the process of planning out my 2017 reading list and it just keeps getting longer by the day.
  • The Whole 30. Have you ever tried it? I did it last January and will be doing it again, starting tomorrow with a few of my friends.
  • This podcast.
  • My #OneWord365 which isn't fully finalized, but I'm almost 100% decided on what mine will be. What about yours?