Photo by Rachael Houser Photography

Photo by Rachael Houser Photography

Hello! I'm Emily.

I'm a family and wedding photographer based out of Paducah, Kentucky. I specialize in creating honest images for happy people and believe firmly that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". I'm also a self-proclaimed peanut butter connoisseur. 

With 9 years of photography experience, I've created images that have been featured in places like Lemonade and Lenses and have worked with business and brands such as The Hotel 1857 and Partake in Paducah. I also work with the Rising Tide Society as the leader of the TuesdaysTogether Paducah Chapter.


Why photography? I love being creative and making things that show people a different perspective. I aim to find snippets of truth, honesty, and beauty that may not otherwise be noticed. I don't go for the posed-cheesy smile look, because that's not how or who you really are. 

In the everyday, I love doing yoga & Pilates, drinking chai lattes, traveling, reading books, and quoting Gilmore Girls.


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