Murray, KY Backyard Wedding | Emily & Garrison by Emily Margaret


Emily and Garrison’s wedding day was filled to the brim with friends, family, and laughter. Their springtime wedding was held in the backyard of Garrison’s parent’s house, which provided a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for their day.

Also, I totally loved that their dog was a part of the wedding party as the “Best Boy”. Like isn’t that is the cutest thing ever??

[See their engagement session here.]

West Paducah Sunflower Engagement Session | Trisha + Cody by Emily Margaret


Trisha and Cody were very trusting of me during their engagement session, meeting me out in a field to traipse around in the tall grass and flowers. Thankfully, these two are a very adventurous couple and enjoy going on new adventures together. As part of their questionnaire, Trisha mentioned that they love to travel-

“One time, we got into the car and just drove around, and each time there were turns in the road, we would flip a coin to see which way to take.”

Cody’s son also joined us for a few photos, between spurts of running around through the sunflowers.


“My favorite thing about Cody is his passion and dedication to me and his son. He does everything he can to make sure we are both happy… he is the most caring man I have ever met.”

“The way she can make my worst of days become the best of days just by seeing her. I find comfort in her eyes every single day. Her relationship with my son makes my heart melt. I can go on and on but to sum it up my favorite thing about her is HER.”

Emily + Garrison | Murray State Arboretum Engagement Session by Emily Margaret


Emily and I knew each other way back in our elementary school age days. Somewhere in my photo albums, I have a photo of us at a valentines day party where she's looking quite stylish and I'm wielding a spatula of pink cookie frosting. I'm sure it was a significant moment for the both of us. 

More recently, I spent an afternoon in Murray, Kentucky at the Murray State Arboretum with Emily and her fiance (now husband!) Garrison. These two go so well together, and most of our shoot consisted of Garrison keeping Emily laughing with his witty one-liners and quotes from The Office

Fun fact- they met at a mutual friend's birthday party and after they said "hi", the first thing they said to each other was the infamous Michael Scott quote, "that's what she said" at the same time. Sparks flew and they bonded that night over music & mutual nerdy interests.

Paducah Family At Home | The Curry Family by Emily Margaret

I love photographing families in their homes. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed and you can see more of the relationship dynamics. The Curry family is no exception and I want to be like them when I grow up and have children, with their cute home and backyard chicken coop. 

We hung out one Sunday afternoon this spring and took photos in Walt and Rachel's Paducah, Kentucky home. Their little boy, Will, had recently begun to sit up on his own, so we commemorated the occasion with some portraits playing in his room. Little moments like these mean so much more when you get to celebrate them just as they are. 

Life these days mostly revolves around the little one! When we are home, we like to play and hang out in the house and yard when the weather is nice. We have dogs and chickens, so caring for them also helps fill our days.