In Which I Had Ice Cream for Lunch.

You know how some weeks are so packed full of things that they seem to have been a super-special-extra-hours-hidden-somewhere week? That's how last week was.

I took a quick trip down to Nashville (one of my favorite places) and hung out at this really cool hipster place called Starbucks and met up with the even-cooler photographer Ellie Be. Ellie was in the process of moving to Oklahoma and was in Nashville for a couple of days.  We got to chat over coffee about photography and life and it was so fantastic to get to meet her in person for the first time. She is one of the first photographers I discovered way back in the early days when I found that photography blogging was actually a thing. It was an exciting experience, getting to meet someone you've only know online face to face. #thewondersoftheinternet

And yes, as the post title states, I really did have ice cream for lunch. Specifically, a root beer + Jeni's vanilla bean ice cream float from The Soda Parlor. It was delicious and totally worth the calories. (On a related side note, after a bit of googling I discovered that a couple local shops carry Jeni's Ice Cream. That is some dangerous information, you guys.)

Are you hungry yet??

Other noteworthy things that happened last week included going to the local theatre, my first IHOP experience, dinner with friends, and looking up train tickets over coffeeshop wifi.  

And I had to include this last photo of one of the wall art pieces in The Soda Parlor because how often do you see an ax-wielding bear on the wall?

How was your week? What has happened lately that has made you excited?