Choosing a Session Location

Whenever I book a session, I always ask my clients if they have a location they want to use. Some photographers choose the location for them, but I want my clients to have a say in the matter and make it more personal.

I like to encourage my clients to choose a location that means something to them. For example, if it's an engagement shoot and the couple enjoys going on dates to the local ice cream shop, I'd take them there to shoot. The location says something about their relationship, what they like to do together, and they'll be more comfortable in a familiar place.

Lighting is also an important factor in choosing a location. If my client has a location picked out and I haven't shot there before, I'll always go check it out to see what the light is like. The time of day will also make a difference. Morning light will be different than late afternoon light, being of a different strength and angle. If the location isn't well lit and there isn't a way I can make it work, I'll work with my client and suggest a similar location with a better lighting situation.

Think outside of the box. I love finding new places to shoot and sometimes locations that seem a bit "out there" are the best ones. I've seen fantastic shoots done in subway stations, laundromats, farmers markets, parking garages, and local festivals. This comes back to choosing a meaningful location, so I encourage my clients to not be afraid by not going with a "traditional" photo session location.

If you're deciding on a place for your photography session, I hope these tips have helped! Where is somewhere that you'd love to do a session?