February Highlights / by Emily Margaret

I find it ironic that in my collage of phone photos from this month I have both a photo from the one warm 50* weekend we had early this month and a photo of snow. 

February Recap + Goals Update | Emily Margaret

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Since it's been so cold and messy out, I've spent many nights playing piano and watching Netflix because who wants to go out when it's -10* F outside? Except that one night when it was snowing and I went with friends to get fro-yo because that's the logical thing to do. Which also goes along with going to a farm supply store on a Friday night and taking photos of all the adorable baby chicks for sale. At least we entertained the teenagers who were working that night.

During my snowed-in time, I updated a few things on my website, tweaking the design a bit. What do you think?

So what's up for next month? I've got my first shoots of the year in the works and I'm planning something exciting for 2016 seniors. Watch my facebook page for updates... :)