Creative Community

Creative community. As artists, we can get caught up in our work and be so focused that we don't really notice the others creating around us. I'll be honest- until this year, I was totally guilty of that myself.

Fast forwards to now- I've joined a local group, several Facebook groups, and have created new friendships through instagram and twitter, and it's been awesome.

So why do I think it's important to have a creative community?


-You have friends who understand why you do what you do. As they themselves are creative people, they know why making and creating is an important part of life. They understand why you always need some form of creative outlet, or the struggles of being an entrepreneur.

-Idea brainstorming. Creative blocks happen to the best of us, so having people to bounce ideas off of is a great thing. Different people have difference perspectives, and that thing you're stuck on won't seem so bad when you tell someone about it.

-Collaboration (one of my favorite words). Your friends don't have to do the same thing as you for you to work together. I think the more diverse your creative community is, the better. My local Pursuit community group has many photographers, but we also have people who do calligraphy, style blogging, modeling, makeup artistry, and videography. Because of the diversity, we can collaborate and create things that we wouldn't be able to do by ourselves (a.k.a. we could take over the world with our combined talents).

-Accountability. You know that one project you keep talking about starting/doing/finishing? Having a group of friends who know what you're working on can keep you accountable, giving you a push to set goals and #MakeItHappen.

Do you have a creative community? What is one of your favorite things about having a group of creative friends?