Field Notes | May

Welcome to Field Notes, a monthly blog series. At the end of each month, I'll share a few things I learned, books I read, interesting blog posts from the web, recent projects, and other things of the sort. This month's Notes are brought to you by bacon-peach pizza. So much yes.


Read: Last month I had a goal to finish the (several) books I had in-process and read The Girl on the Train and I almost met that goal. I finished The More of Less and wrote a review about it, and I'm really close to finishing Restless. I started and finished The Girl on the Train and I'll be honest that I wasn't expecting to like it, and while I appreciated the writing and the twists in the story, I anticipated correctly. The story was a bit too dark for my taste, but was overall well-written. As for blogposts I loved this one and this one here, and found them to be fitting for my month. (Bonus- if you're looking for some new titles, Anne Bogel's summer reading lists do not disappoint.) 

Listen: Still lots of podcasts! Find some of my favorites here.

Think: When your priorities and boundaries get out of whack, everything else shifts around, things get unbalanced, and life gets messy (not in a good way.) It's amazing how little things like shutting down the screens at 8PM, doing yoga, making time to read, and cleaning out the closet make such a big difference. Resting well is essential to working well. Doing less allows you to do the things you do better. Other things that also help- Powersheets and webinars from Hannah Brencher.

Do: I did a little promotional photography for a new local hotel and photographed my little cousin's 6 month portraits. I also launched my Session Films as an add-on to my photography collections and can't wait to do more of them. And I discovered my new favorite pizza combination when I visited Bowling Green for the first time (bacon and peaches, you have to try it). An instagram workshop was also taken which included networking with local business owners and pretty flower arrangements.

Enjoy: This in-home family lifestyle session. I'm seriously in love.

Goals: Surprisingly, I completed 5/6 goals for this month! Hopefully that momentum will carry over to June. Here's a few of my goals for June:

What was your month filled with? What are some of your goals for June?