Barnett Family Lifestyle Session + film| Paducah, KY Photographer by Emily Margaret

Photos have more meaning when they're with the people you love most in the places where you live the everyday moments of your lives. That's why in-home lifestyle sessions have come to be my favorite kind of shoot, with their natural + relaxed feel. They're not flashy or fake, but simple and honest. They're about celebrating the small, real moments that make up your life.

I recently got together with my friend, Amber, and her beautiful little family to do a lifestyle session at their home. We started out the afternoon with a little tea party in the yard, complete with strawberries and sugar cubes, before having a bit of story time then ending with some family snuggles inside the house. 

I also did something a little new and different during this shoot- a session film. I'm so happy with how it turned out and I'm so excited to offer these films as an add-on for any of my photography collections. (Click here to book your own!)

Watch the film below, then continue reading to see a few favorite images from the shoot.

Field Notes | April by Emily Margaret

Welcome to a new blog series called Field Notes. At the end of each month, I'll share a few things I learned, books I read, interesting blog posts I found, and other things of that sort.

Read: I had a goal to finish the books I had in progress at the first of the month. I finished All the Light We Cannot See (highly recommend 5/5), made progress in Restless, and got halfway through More of Less. It wasn't as much progress as I would've liked but it was a good amount! I felt like I got my reading groove back, like it was before college when the constant flow of textbooks and research papers burnt me out. I also learned that I really like having one fiction and one nonfiction book going at the same time. (Bonus: blog posts I enjoyed- here and here.)

Listen: Lots of podcasts while editing and blogging. I'm planning to do a post this month on some of my favorites, but a few of them are Sorta Awesome, Chasing Creative, and The Simple Show.

Think: I got tired of the internet and figured out what to do about it.

Do: Photoshoots! I did some photos for family members, second shot a wedding, photographed a couple high school seniors, started a new project, and did a few other random shoots. Lots of fun stuff! I also went on a spontaneous weekend trip up to Iowa with a friend to help her go apartment hunting, during which I was reminded that I have more of a southern accent than I think I do, haha.

Enjoying: The 1SecondaDay App, time with friends, springtime, a new haircut, getting to know the members of my photography mastermind group, and k-pop music.

Goals for May:

  • Finish the books I currently have in progress and start The Girl on the Train.
  • Launch my new projects
  • Get back into a daily rhythm/routine
  • Make a plan for my next personal project
  • Clean out my closet and get down to more of a capsule wardrobe
  • Send in my passport application

What did you do this month? What are some of your goals for May?

What is Creativity? by Emily Margaret

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you can see that I talk a lot about creativity. But what does that really mean? What does creativity mean to you? How do you incorporate it into your everyday?


For me, creativity is more than just making a pretty picture or writing a book. It's more of a lifestyle and perspective; a way of doing things that aren't necessarily the most common route. It's trying new things and experimenting, because I enjoy the process as well as the destination.

One way I'm more creative is through intentionality in what I consume and buy, because not everything is good for us and our dollars have more power than we think. I've been slowly transitioning to more natural & healthy beauty products because a quick scan of any common beauty product will show you a list of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce and are known to be harmful.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the HASK Bamboo Oil Strengthening collection and I'll admit- I'm picky when it comes to natural products because they sometimes don't work as well, especially when it comes to sulfate-free shampoos. I know they're better for you, but I've used several different ones in the past that just didn't do the job. However, I was pleasantly surprised with HASK's Bamboo Oil Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner. They cleaned my hair as well as regular shampoo, made my hair feel really soft, and smell amazing.


For extra moisture and strengthening, HASK also has a Strengthening Shine Hair Oil and Deep Conditioner. The oil can be used on wet or dry hair and I've enjoyed using it after blowdrying my hair to smooth down the frizziness and add some shine (because I pretty much look like this after using a hair dryer). I haven't tried the Deep Conditioner yet, but if it's anything like HASK's other Bamboo Oil products, I know I'll love it!

What is creativity to you? How does it influence different areas of your life?

**Disclosure: I was sent the products mentioned above in this post in exchange for review. All thoughts are my own honest opinions and were not influenced in any way by the company.**

Low Light Study | personal work by Emily Margaret

My photography style has evolved over the past few years and tends to stay on the side of being light and colorful. Sometimes I like to experiment with other styles, try new techniques, and editing options, so last week I played around with low light photography. Some photographers excel with dark + moody photos and I appreciate the style, but it was something I never felt comfortable with when trying it out myself. In an effort to stretch my comfort zone, I experimented in the kitchen with a tripod and remote shutter.

What is something that you've done recently to stretch your creativity?