An Afternoon at Kitchens Cafe by Emily Margaret

So many new and interesting places are popping up in my little town and I couldn't love it more. Especially when good food is involved, am I right? Yesterday, my friend Kerri and I got to check out the Kitchens Cafe downtown and sample some of their dishes. Between the hand-thrown pottery, exposed brick walls, and of course, the delicious food, it will definitely be a place I plan on visiting regularly. And how cool is that iron door?

(Side note- anyone need me to come photograph and try their food? I'l gladly volunteer.) After you finish reading this post, head over to my youtube channel to see the behind the scenes video!

P.s. Check out the behind the scenes video here.

Clementine Dutch Baby Pancake | food photography + recipe by Emily Margaret

Dutch baby pancakes have become my new favorite breakfast food.

Also called German pancakes, these babies are very fast and easy to bake. Since you mix the batter in a blender, it's a much faster than having to cook pancakes one at a time. I used this  recipe and added in the zest of 1 clementine and a bit of the juice for more flavor. Why did I add clementines? Because they're cute, tasty, and the bright flavor is just what I need in the middle of winter.

What is your favorite breakfast food? Have you ever made a dutch baby pancake?

Feature on The Collaboreat by Emily Margaret

I'm quite excited to share with you a post I wrote on hot chocolate over at The Collaboreat. This month, they're featuring places to get a great cup of hot chocolate and recipes for making your own. I've already bookmarked several of the recipes and can't wait to give them a try. 

Click here to read the post!

I'll be back in January with some new photo session posts. Until then, you can find me on the social media platforms below. Have a merry Christmas!