The Art of the Printed Photo by Emily Margaret

The printed photo is not dead. It's true that digital images are convenient and what most people expect from photographers, and maybe it's because I'm a member of the millennial/hipster generation, but I believe printed photos will never go out of style.


If you're like me, photographer or not, you probably have hundreds of photos currently sitting archived in your phone or computer, where you can't see and enjoy them. Digital images are convenient for sharing and offer the insurance of a backup, but there's nothing like having prints on your walls and a photobook in your hands.

When a client and I discuss the kind of collection that they want, the topic of digital images vs prints usually comes up. While all of my collections include digital images, I always encourage my clients to also choose a few prints or photobook of their session. I do this for several reasons:

  • Experience: which would you prefer- an intangible digital photo, or a set of prints beautifully wrapped and presented to you from the photographer who carefully created the images? With my business, I aim to build a relationship with each client to create an experience and invest in their story, rather than be like any other photographer at the local mall.
  • Integrity: professionally printed photos ensure the quality of the photo will not be compromised. Most budget printers (wal-mart, walgreens, target, etc) do not produce an accurate representation of the original image, while a professional lab will maintain the integrity of the photo.
  • Fun: there's nothing very fun about a digital file, but having professionally-shot images on the walls of your home or a photobook to show your family is. For example, my photobooks are popular with the parents of my high school seniors because they loving having something to show off to their friends and family, and it's much more fun to look at than an ipad. I've seen this also to be true in my own home, as we have a large family portrait near the front door that has been commented on my everyone who visits our home.

When digital images first came on the scene, it appeared that physical prints would never be seen again, but lately with the growth of brands such as chatbooks and artifact uprising, this is definitely not the case. As more photographers talk about the value of the printed photo, I'm excited to see more people making the most of their images with physical prints. 

Is it important to you to have prints or books of your photos? Why or why not?

Session Collection Update for 2016 by Emily Margaret

It's a new year so it's time to do a bit of housekeeping! I'm updating my photo session collections and product offerings to be a better fit for my clients, and part of that includes raising my prices a bit. I don't ever want to turn away clients because of my pricing, but there has to be a balance that also makes it worth my time to do what I do.

As of February 1st, 2016, the new pricing will take effect, so if you'd like to take advantage and book a session before then, you'll still get the old pricing. Contact me here!

In updating my photography collections for 2016, I will be offering collections that include all the images from your session! In years past you chose a set number of images, but with these new collections you won't have to pick out which images you want; they'll all be included! I'm really excited about this, because it will allow me to move into offering more lifestyle photography sessions that will not only give you lovely images, but tell more of a cohesive story about you through those photos.


Ready to book your own session? Send me an email here.


Christmas Cards 2015 | Products | Paducah Kentucky Family Photographer by Emily Margaret

Christmas Photo Cards are here! I'm always excited when it's time to send out Christmas cards. This year, I designed the cards with a minimalist feel to keep the focus on the photos featured on the card. Each 5x7 card has a customizable greeting to accompany your chosen photo. The cards are available in sets of 25 with additional increments of 5 to make sure all of your friends are included on your list. Classic white envelopes are included, and this year I am also offering custom hand lettering to address your photo cards.

To find more details about my custom Christmas photo cards, check out this page. To order your own set of custom cards, you can contact me here or send me an email to

P.s. Mini photo sessions are available now through Christmas!

Signature Photo Books | Paducah KY Photographer by Emily Margaret

It's true that we live in a digital age, but there's nothing like holding a real book or photograph in your hands. One of my favorite items that I have as an option to include my photography collections is the signature photo book. Bound with a faux leather cover, the 8x10 hardcover book shows off your photo session images with color as vibrant as the digital images. It's been a popular pick with my high school seniors this year, as the parents love having this as a keepsake and to show off to the grandparents.

Technology changes, but books stay the same. Don't you agree?