Paducah Family At Home | The Curry Family by Emily Margaret

I love photographing families in their homes. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed and you can see more of the relationship dynamics. The Curry family is no exception and I want to be like them when I grow up and have children, with their cute home and backyard chicken coop. 

We hung out one Sunday afternoon this spring and took photos in Walt and Rachel's Paducah, Kentucky home. Their little boy, Will, had recently begun to sit up on his own, so we commemorated the occasion with some portraits playing in his room. Little moments like these mean so much more when you get to celebrate them just as they are. 

Life these days mostly revolves around the little one! When we are home, we like to play and hang out in the house and yard when the weather is nice. We have dogs and chickens, so caring for them also helps fill our days.

Barnett Family Lifestyle Session + film| Paducah, KY Photographer by Emily Margaret

Photos have more meaning when they're with the people you love most in the places where you live the everyday moments of your lives. That's why in-home lifestyle sessions have come to be my favorite kind of shoot, with their natural + relaxed feel. They're not flashy or fake, but simple and honest. They're about celebrating the small, real moments that make up your life.

I recently got together with my friend, Amber, and her beautiful little family to do a lifestyle session at their home. We started out the afternoon with a little tea party in the yard, complete with strawberries and sugar cubes, before having a bit of story time then ending with some family snuggles inside the house. 

I also did something a little new and different during this shoot- a session film. I'm so happy with how it turned out and I'm so excited to offer these films as an add-on for any of my photography collections. (Click here to book your own!)

Watch the film below, then continue reading to see a few favorite images from the shoot.

Low Light Study | personal work by Emily Margaret

My photography style has evolved over the past few years and tends to stay on the side of being light and colorful. Sometimes I like to experiment with other styles, try new techniques, and editing options, so last week I played around with low light photography. Some photographers excel with dark + moody photos and I appreciate the style, but it was something I never felt comfortable with when trying it out myself. In an effort to stretch my comfort zone, I experimented in the kitchen with a tripod and remote shutter.

What is something that you've done recently to stretch your creativity?

An Afternoon at Kitchens Cafe by Emily Margaret

So many new and interesting places are popping up in my little town and I couldn't love it more. Especially when good food is involved, am I right? Yesterday, my friend Kerri and I got to check out the Kitchens Cafe downtown and sample some of their dishes. Between the hand-thrown pottery, exposed brick walls, and of course, the delicious food, it will definitely be a place I plan on visiting regularly. And how cool is that iron door?

(Side note- anyone need me to come photograph and try their food? I'l gladly volunteer.) After you finish reading this post, head over to my youtube channel to see the behind the scenes video!

P.s. Check out the behind the scenes video here.