Beach Days by Emily Margaret

“A little sea-bathing would set me up forever.” - Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen


Over the past few weeks I've been making my way through my personal photo archives. I'm very organized when it comes to my clients' photos, but I have a bad habit of just throwing mine in random folders without a system, or even just leaving them in my cloud photo drive. (Sidenote- would any of you be interested in a post/mini guide to organizing your personal photos?)

I'm slowly getting there, and just finished organizing some photos from my trip to Destin earlier this year. It's starting to feel like fall here in Kentucky, but now I want to go back to the beach after looking at my photos.

The beach is my happy place. Honestly, give me a beach anywhere, a stack of books, and I'm good. The week I spent with my family was simply glorious (I don't use that word often, but I think it is very fitting here).  I mean what could be better- sunshine, saltwater, lazy days, and lots and lots of books. 

(P.s. This was my beach read of choice, found via the wonderful book expert Anne Bogel.)

Low Light Study | personal work by Emily Margaret

My photography style has evolved over the past few years and tends to stay on the side of being light and colorful. Sometimes I like to experiment with other styles, try new techniques, and editing options, so last week I played around with low light photography. Some photographers excel with dark + moody photos and I appreciate the style, but it was something I never felt comfortable with when trying it out myself. In an effort to stretch my comfort zone, I experimented in the kitchen with a tripod and remote shutter.

What is something that you've done recently to stretch your creativity?

I feel it in my bones by Emily Margaret

(Yes, I currently have this song by Imagine Dragons stuck in my head.)

Can you believe it's December? I love this time of year, despite the fact that grey, cloudy days become more common than sunny ones. I'm a sunshine girl, but having all the Christmas lights and decorations definitely make things more festive.

I wanted to let you all know that I'm taking a break from blogging now until mid January, so I can have more time with my friends + family and enjoy the season. I'll still be active on instagram and available by email if you want to get in touch. I wish you all a happy Christmas and New Year!