Emily + Garrison | Murray State Arboretum Engagement Session


Emily and I knew each other way back in our elementary school age days. Somewhere in my photo albums, I have a photo of us at a valentines day party where she's looking quite stylish and I'm wielding a spatula of pink cookie frosting. I'm sure it was a significant moment for the both of us. 

More recently, I spent an afternoon in Murray, Kentucky at the Murray State Arboretum with Emily and her fiance (now husband!) Garrison. These two go so well together, and most of our shoot consisted of Garrison keeping Emily laughing with his witty one-liners and quotes from The Office

Fun fact- they met at a mutual friend's birthday party and after they said "hi", the first thing they said to each other was the infamous Michael Scott quote, "that's what she said" at the same time. Sparks flew and they bonded that night over music & mutual nerdy interests.