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10 Things to know about me by Emily Margaret

Happy Thursday! If you're new around here, thanks for stopping by! Whenever I find a new blog, I enjoy finding out more about the person writing it. So, today I'm sharing 10 things about me so we can get to know each other a bit better. Please leave a comment and say hello! (If you're reading this in a reader app, you can click through here to leave a comment!)


1. My first camera was a pink Barbie Polaroid (which is now called "vintage" on ebay. What?).

2. I never would have guessed I would someday have my own business. It's a lot of work, but it's an exciting adventure and I love how because of it I get to meet and work with new people.

3. Photography was one of the few hobbies that I stuck with. I went through phases of doing cross-stitch, weaving, drawing, competitive-style jump rope, and probably a few others I'm forgetting. These days when I'm not shooting, I play piano and do yoga + Pilates.

4. Nashville is one of my top favorite places.

5. I'm half girly-girl and half nerd (aka I love both my dresses and my jeans + Doctor Who t-shirts).

6. Portrait and lifestyle photography are my passions, because people are so dynamic + interesting + fun to photograph.

7. I have a huge crush on food photography and a career goal of mine is to be published in a food magazine.

8. I make lists for everything and I have one of people I want to photograph someday.

9. For the year of 2015 I'm focusing on the word intentional and the phrase show up.

10. I'm always up for a sunrise photo shoot because the light is so gorgeous.

Please leave a comment and say hello! I love meeting new people.