Sperry Family | Paducah KY Family Photographer by Emily Margaret

I love working with families because it's so fun to see how they interact together. When kids are involved, you're always going to have someone who's looking the other direction or making faces, but I think it adds more character and genuine personality to the images.

The Sperrys are one of the sweetest families I've had the privilege of getting to know over the past couple years. The boys are so fun and I think you'll agree that the littlest one is pretty stinkin cute.

An Afternoon in the Park | Paducah, KY lifestyle family photographer by Emily Margaret

Like many of you, some of my favorite childhood memories include going to the park playground. It was the location for many picnics, friends' birthday parties, and ice cream truck afternoon snacks.

Earlier this spring, one of my former co-workers contacted me for some new head shots and photos of her and her sister's children, and we decided that park would be a great location for both the head shots and photos of the kids.  After we shot a few of the sit-and-smile type photos, the kids were eager to run and play on the playground, which allowed me to get some fun lifestyle images of the children while they were in their element.

Next week I'll share my favorites from our head shot session, but for today, enjoy the results of our afternoon in the park.

5 Reasons you should book a summer family session | Paducah, KY family photographer by Emily Margaret

Summer is in full swing, but did you know that it's also one of the best times to have a family photography session? Here are 5 reasons why you should book a summer family photo session.


1. Sunshine! During this time of year, there are longer days and more light. This allows more time for photos, even if your photo session happens on a weekday after work. And more sunshine means more time for those gorgeous glowy golden hour photos

2. You look fabulous. Really, you do. It's the middle of summer so you're in shape, tan, and looking your best. And because it's warm, you can wear your cute summer outfits.

3. Scheduling. Fall is the busiest season for photographers, so having a summertime session gives you more booking dates to choose from.

4. Greenery. The grass is green, the trees are green, and flowers are in bloom. All of these make a great backdrop for your yearly family portrait.

5. Christmas Cards. Having a family session now will give you more time to order your Christmas cards and get ahead of the game!


Ready to book your photo session? Want more info? Send me an email and we'll chat. My August dates are filling up, so don't wait to contact me!

P.s. A few of my favorite family sessions.