second shooting

Zach + Kelli | Paducah, KY Downtown Wedding by Emily Margaret

“love is a deeper season
than reason;
my sweet one”

-EE Cummings

On a Saturday in September, Zach and Kelli got married in downtown Paducah, KY. My friend Makenzie asked me to second shoot and assist her and we had a fun day shooting this couple's Tangled-inspired wedding day. Kelli's dress was gorgeous and was pretty much how I used to picture a princess' wedding dress when I was a little girl.

Check out Makenzie's blog post for more photos, including when Zach and his groomsmen drove their jeeps on the sidewalk (yes, really).

Cory + Brittany | A summer lake wedding by Emily Margaret

Earlier this year, I was asked by one of the photographers in my Pursuit Paducah group to second shoot/assist her with a few weddings. I had already decided to try to get some wedding experience this year so the timing was perfect! This was the first wedding I shot with Makenzie and she has been so great to work with, showing me the wedding ropes. It's a completely different world than portrait photography!

Cory and Brittany were married on a warm August day at the Barkley Lodge on the lake. The spotty cell reception made coordinating family photos tricky, and a boisterous family reunion + few rumbles of thunder kept us on our toes. Makenzie and I definitely got our workout in for the day, with the many, many stairs at the Lodge. 

You can see more images from the wedding at Makenzie's blog, Makenzie Lynn Photography.

August Update by Emily Margaret

While summer is my favorite season, it's always the busiest. This month alone I've driven over 200 miles for my photo sessions and wedding second shooting. Two weeks ago I worked a wedding assisting my friend Makenzie out at the lake, then drove back out to the same area the next day for a family session (sneak peek coming soon!). This weekend I'll be shooting another wedding with her and I'm hoping I won't melt in the heat.

Here's a few photos from the wedding I shot with Makenzie (full blog post coming next week).

This month also included a trip to Lexington and you guys. I love Kentucky. All the horse pastures and white fences and blue skies. It's just so pretty. Anyway, it was a quick weekend trip to celebrate my boyfriend's graduation from grad school and the weather was perfect for it.

You may have also noticed that I gave my website + blog a little face lift with a new design and I'm loving the full-screen photos and new blog layout. What do you think?

P.S.  I'm still booking sessions for the Class of 2016 and my dates are limited, so don't wait to long to contact me