Gabe | Class of 2016 by Emily Margaret

This week I'm out of town traveling so the next post in my Getting Started blog series will be delayed until next Wednesday. However, I'm happy to be sharing Gabe's senior session today!

We had a blast trekking to a new location and playing with the light. Gabe completely nailed his poses so hardly any directing was required and I loved his idea of doing the Superman shots. He's also a football player, so of course we had to break out the ball and jersey. Which images are your favorites?

Sarah // Portraits by Emily Margaret

Earlier this month we got our first snow of the season, which called for quick photoshoot (aka braving the 20* weather for 5 minutes). I'm really happy with how these portraits turned out and having a lovely model definitely helped. (Of course, I'm a bit biased because this high school senior is my sister.) Do you get inspired when it snows? Sometimes it helps me stretch my creativity, and other times I'd just rather it weren't so cold, haha.

[Shot on my Canon 7D at 50mm f/2.2, 1/1250s]


Aaron - Class of 2016 | Paducah Kentucky Senior Photographer by Emily Margaret

Aaron: football player and musician.

Aaron - Emily Margaret Photography

Aaron's a guy of many talents- he's played football and ultimate frisbee and plays the guitar and cajone. We (ok, he) trekked his guitar and cajone around the park and played a one-person concert at the amphitheater because that's how we roll. While we were there, we saw a guy flying a white and black drone over the pond and I mentioned to Aaron that the drone looked a lot like a star wars stormtrooper. I think he may have been a bit surprised to learn that I'm a star wars fan. (Any chance I have to work a reference into everyday conversation, believe I will.)

Aaron - Emily Margaret Photography

Congratulations on your last year of high school Aaron!

Samuel - Class of 2016 | Western KY Senior Photographer by Emily Margaret

Samuel: high school senior and farmer.

One crisp October afternoon, we ventured out on his family's farm to the cornfield to do a few photos. Afterwards, our families made the most of the beautiful fall day, spending it drinking homemade apple cider around a bonfire and going on a hayride around the farm. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best- I'm definitely a fan.