What to Wear | Engagement Edition

Whenever a client books a session with me, I'm often asked for advice on what they should wear for the shoot. While these tips apply to photo sessions in general, this post is focused on engagement or couples photography sessions. One of the benefits of booking an engagement session with me is that I offer custom wardrobe advice. We plan the aesthetic for the shoot and I help you choose what to wear based on that and what you currently have in your closet. Until then, these tips will help you figure out how to dress for your upcoming engagement photo session.


Tip #1) Be yourself! If you would never wear an outfit in "real life",  it makes you feel self-conscious, or that top makes you fidgety, just don't wear it. You'll be able to see in the photos if you're uncomfortable and being relaxed and happy will make your session go much better.

Tip #2) Coordinate, don't match! You and your lovely fiance's outfits should go well together, not match. Gone are the days of  wearing jeans and white T-shirts. Instead, choose a complementary colors, such as light pink and grey, red and turquoise, or yellow and dark purple. 

Tip #3) Be careful with patterns and avoid logos. If one of you is wearing a patterned top, for example, have the other wear a complimentary solid colored-top, or a pattern of either larger or smaller print. If you both wear items with the same size pattern, it will look awkward. Trust me. 

Tip #4) Wear the same "level" of casual or formal. If you decide to wear a nice top and dressy jeans and your fiance wears shorts and a tee, one of you will look out of place. Like colors, the level of formality shouldn't clash.

Tip #5) Layer up! Ever notice how the models in J. Crew catalogs often wear more than just a tee and jeans? Wearing an outfit that has 2-3 layers will instantly add dimension and interest. This could be a tee, button-up shirt, and a vest, or a blouse, cardigan, and belt over the cardigan.

Tip #6) Pay attention to details. Ladies, be sure to have a fresh manicure for your ring close-ups. Having your hair and makeup professionally done will greatly decrease the chance of a last-minute hair emergency and will also mean much less work for you!  

Tip #7) Wear fabulous shoes. This is actually one of the most important tips for choosing what to wear to your engagement session. Cute shoes will take your outfit to the next level and will make for some great detail shots. 

Tip #8) Try on the outfit ahead of time to avoid any last-minute fashion emergencies.

I hope this helps take the stress out of choosing your outfit for your engagement photo session! Do you have any tips for choosing what to wear?