What's in My Camera Bag | EMP Behind the Scenes

I love it when photographers do "what's in my bag" posts.  I'm always curious to see what they take with them on shoots. Today I'm unpacking my bag and sharing what I usually bring on a typical portrait photo shoot.


First off, meet my girl Simmons (aka the Canon 7D). Isn't she darling? And before you ask, yes, I name my cameras, but only my cameras. And my car (but that's it). 

Simmons joined me in October of this year, and up until now I did all my work with a Canon Rebel t3i. My little rebel (also known as Knightley) has served me well these past few years, but I knew I was pushing its limits. After getting to use a few different cameras while second shooting this summer, I knew it was time to upgrade and so far I'm loving it. I'm still keeping Knightley around for backup and things like traveling when I need something a bit smaller + lighter.


My camera bag isn't an actual camera bag, but a messenger bag from the men's department at Target (why do the guys get the cooler bags?). To keep everything safe and organized, I use this Ape Case Cubeze padded bag insert. It holds my camera, memory cards, an extra lens and battery, and still leaves room for my S'well water bottle (not pictured) and lens cleaning kit to slip in the bag outside of the insert.


Here's a breakdown of the rest of the gear that I bring on a usual portrait shoot:

Lens cleaning kit / Canon 7D with BlackRapid strap (LOVE IT) / 50mm 1.8 lens / 18-55 kit lens / zippered pouch with extra memory cards / Not shown: battery charger / extra battery / business cards / ink pen / lip balm / bobby pins + hair band / granola bars /

What's inside your bag?