Why I blog

This spring marked my 2nd year of blogging and it feels like it's been so much longer. 

My first blog began as a way to share my early photography work with family and friends. I was in the midst of a slightly slower semester in college and was itching for a creative outlet, and not vary many people knew about my growing hobby. I had been an avid blog reader for several years and thought I could totally do that. Nowadays, I blog for so many more reasons.


To share my photography
When I first started blogging, I was taking lots of photos but many of my friends and family didn't know because the images stayed in the depths of my hard drives. Now that I have my business, blogging is a way to share my work where prospective clients can see what I do, and to take part in the creative online community.

To market my business
By blogging, I can show what I do, share a bit of who I am, and talk about the why behind what I do. By actively writing and posting, I build credibility within my business. I also use my blog to let others know about any special offerings and events with which I'm involved. Personally, when I am looking to work with someone, I am many times more likely to choose someone who blogs, rather than someone who doesn't.

To meet new people and grow relationships
 One of my favorite things about blogging is the community. Through blogging, I've met new photography clients, become friends with other photographers and creatives, and connected with small-business owners. The blogging network allows me to connect with like-minded people and it's just plain fun.

To learn and share knowledge
I wouldn't know nearly as much about photography if it weren't for the bloggers who openly share their knowledge. While my blog isn't focused on photography techniques and tips, I hope to teach or inspire my readers in someway or another when they read one of my posts. Encouraging others to be creative in all areas of their lives and showing how they can use their creativity to help others is something I love doing and aim to do with my blog.

Are you a blogger? What is the why behind your blog?