4 reasons Instagram is my favorite social media platform

There are more types of social media out there than the average person can keep up with and effectively use, with a new one seeming to pop up every week. I prefer to keep things simple, focusing on facebook, twitter, and instagram, with the latter being my favorite. Why do I love instagram so much? Let me count the ways...

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  1. Simple and clean interface. As you can tell by my blog, I'm a big fan of clean designs with white space. I love that instagram's design is very simple and focuses on the visual content, rather than having adds running in a sidebar or large text breaks.
  2. Beautiful photos. There are so, so many talented people using instagram sharing thousands of gourgeous photos. It's a photographer's dream.
  3. #Hashtags. When these things first appeared on the web, no one was completely sure how to use them, but now they're one of my favorite things. I use a few of my own to curate my photos (#emilymargaretphotography, #emilymargreads), and a few of my favorite popular hastags are #thatsdarling, #itssimplytuesday, #vscocam, and #liveauthentic.
  4. Networking and new friends. Through instagram, I've found a local group of creative entrepreneurs, made new friends, met online friends in person, and collaborated with other creatives. It's truly a unique and fun community of creative people.

What is your favorite social media platform? How has it helped you grow relationships and develop your creativity?