A Few Favorites from 2017 by Emily Margaret

Well, hello 2018! I'm totally late to the game with my year in review/new year's posts, but in my mind, that's what the whole month of January is for. It's for hammering out your goals, looking back at the last year, and seeing where you want to go.

And also trying really hard not to eat all the chocolate cookies your sister just made. Or is that just me?

Anyway, 2017 had my personal life kinda all over the place and I shot significantly less work than in years past. But in shooting less, I feel that it helped me put more thought into what I did shoot. So here's some of my favorite images from the year. They're not always the "technical" best, but they're my favorite because of the people, the tones, the emotion, and the moment. I also included the links to each photo set's blog post if you want to see more images from each shoot. I hope you enjoy!


Kaylan & David- full session here

Lauren & Jacob- full session here

Ashley & Dennis (aka my best friend's wedding, holla!) - full blog post here

Kaylan- to be blogged soon!

Haley & Tyler- full session here

Hayley | Kentucky Portraits by Emily Margaret


When you get some fun new camera gear, you grab a friend and go out on a little photo shoot. My friend Hayley and I shot these on a random Kentucky country road back in March when it the sunshine made it look a lot warmer that it actually was. 

I love having friends who are always up for modeling for me, because I've learned that it's important to shoot for fun as well as for the people who hire me; it lets me make more of the kind of work that I want to shoot and allows me to try new techniques.

Thank you to Hayley, my real-life Disney princess friend for laughing at my semi-entertaining jokes and being such a great friend and coworker during the past year. (She's great at modeling and holding my hand when I have to get blood drawn.) If you ever need a personal photographer for your traveling adventures, you know who to call.

Lily Jade Brand Shoot | Paducah KY by Emily Margaret

Last summer I had the pleasure of doing some work for Lily Jade, a company that makes designer diaper bags that don't look like diaper bags. While I don't have children, I carry mine around all the time cause it's quite large and nicely holds my tablet, planner, notebooks, wallet, and water bottle with room to spare. Special thanks to my stylish friend Kathryn for modeling, because it was 99 degrees out the day we did this shoot!

Bag c/o Lily Jade

Model: Kathryn Byers

Sarah | 2016 Senior by Emily Margaret

One Saturday morning the sun was shining and the breeze wasn't terribly frigid, so I grabbed my camera and headed downtown with my sister to do some exploring. One of the perks of having a sister is that you always have someone to model for you (even if you have to provide compensation in the form of coffee) and when that sister is a senior, it gives you an excuse to shoot even more portraits.