Murray, KY Backyard Wedding | Emily & Garrison by Emily Margaret


Emily and Garrison’s wedding day was filled to the brim with friends, family, and laughter. Their springtime wedding was held in the backyard of Garrison’s parent’s house, which provided a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for their day.

Also, I totally loved that their dog was a part of the wedding party as the “Best Boy”. Like isn’t that is the cutest thing ever??

[See their engagement session here.]

A Few Favorites from 2017 by Emily Margaret

Well, hello 2018! I'm totally late to the game with my year in review/new year's posts, but in my mind, that's what the whole month of January is for. It's for hammering out your goals, looking back at the last year, and seeing where you want to go.

And also trying really hard not to eat all the chocolate cookies your sister just made. Or is that just me?

Anyway, 2017 had my personal life kinda all over the place and I shot significantly less work than in years past. But in shooting less, I feel that it helped me put more thought into what I did shoot. So here's some of my favorite images from the year. They're not always the "technical" best, but they're my favorite because of the people, the tones, the emotion, and the moment. I also included the links to each photo set's blog post if you want to see more images from each shoot. I hope you enjoy!


Kaylan & David- full session here

Lauren & Jacob- full session here

Ashley & Dennis (aka my best friend's wedding, holla!) - full blog post here

Kaylan- to be blogged soon!

Haley & Tyler- full session here

Ashley & Dennis by Emily Margaret

United States. Africa. Uganda. Kentucky. Iowa.

Many miles mean little when love is involved. I had to pinch myself throughout Ashley and Dennis' wedding day because not only was I excited to photograph their day, but because they are two of my dearest friends and I have had the privilege to watch their relationship grow from the day that they first met. An infamous bonfire was literally the spark that started it all (pun intended) and carried them through emailing and video chatting over nine time zones until they could finally be on the same continent. 

Ashley and Dennis are two of the most faithful people I've ever known and strive to lead their lives to serve God and the people in their communities. I want to be like them when I grow up.

Ashley, I miss being in the same state as you, but now I have an excuse to visit Iowa.  I'm so excited for you both and to see where the two of you will go!

To see Ashley and Dennis' engagement shoot, click here.

Venue: Heartland Worship Center & Starfish Orphan Ministry

Hair: O' So Beautiful

Second Shooter: Robyn Pizzo

Enjoy this outtake because #squadgoals

Zach + Kelli | Paducah, KY Downtown Wedding by Emily Margaret

“love is a deeper season
than reason;
my sweet one”

-EE Cummings

On a Saturday in September, Zach and Kelli got married in downtown Paducah, KY. My friend Makenzie asked me to second shoot and assist her and we had a fun day shooting this couple's Tangled-inspired wedding day. Kelli's dress was gorgeous and was pretty much how I used to picture a princess' wedding dress when I was a little girl.

Check out Makenzie's blog post for more photos, including when Zach and his groomsmen drove their jeeps on the sidewalk (yes, really).