Hey friend!

I’m emily.

I’m a wedding and family photographer for joyful + adventurous people.

Travel & new friends are my jam, and since you're here, I'm gonna go ahead and call it that we're now officially friends. (You’re welcome.)

I wear a few hats, including physical therapist assistant, entrepreneur, educator, cat mom, and chai latte enthusiast. If you're ready for adventure while also making some fun photos, then I’m your photographer.






Why work with me?

Cause I’m gonna make you look good (but you know you already do)

First off, I'm not gonna photoshop you into oblivion and airbrush your face away. That's not my jam. I'll let your hair blow in the wind and across your face because it makes you laugh and the real moments like that are GOLDEN. Really though. Perfectly posed is overrated, so let's have some fun and we'll have our own inside jokes and be quoting the Office (or Gilmore Girls) before it's all over.


“Emily is a rockstar! She was so easy to work with as she captured our big day, and her bubbly spirit brought a whole new sense of joy to our wedding. She truly goes above and beyond.”

-Madison & emily